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Communication consultancy

Digital media and social media have changed fundamentally communication and promotion. A communication campaign is successful or not, which depends on the number of times its communication products appear on social network or the number of interactions between suppliers and their customers on digital platform.

Digital media have revolutionalized the way businesses promotes their programs/projects/products/services, helping them reduce costand directly interact with customers.

Digital media “refresh” traditional communication projects to reach their target audience  more effectively.

VTK Media JSC (VTKmedia) always updates the world’s leading communication trends on digital plaform. Basing on data analysis, VTKmedia develops the most effective communication strategy for each customer.

We are available to:

  • Consult overall communication strategies
  • Make detailed communication plans for each project
  • Develop brand identities

VTKmedia is a longtime partner of:

Ministries and State agencies

Non-governmental/ international organizations; projects related to climate change, green growth, energy efficiency and post-war consequence remedy

Businesses, associations

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